Parenting Tips: 7 Great Tips For Parents!

Parenting TipsParents today have more reasons to be anxious about their children’s well being than parents in the past decades. We often find it very difficult now to discipline and guide them accordingly as there are plenty of distractions that separate our children (especially our teens) away from us.

Cell phones, video games, friends with bad influences, the internet to name a few, all of these lead our children to misbehave and become rebellious.And while we try everything we can to become effective, the result stays the same leaving us with a feeling of inadequacy and frustration. The truth is, as there are many parenting tips you can find, some of them may not be very applicable to certain circumstances as each child is unique. Forcing to apply such methods on them will only create more resistance.

Nevertheless, there are some principles which are universal and should not be neglected as we continue to explore the challenging however fulfilling world of parenthood. These are not only good tips for parents, they are not new to you either, but these are “fundamental truths that have universal applications”. These will help turn our maps towards becoming successful parents more clear:



1. Set the Best Example
Yes, we are actually our children’s role models! They act to what they see and observe. They are curious and they will imitate what we do, say or behave. You might have a vice or bad habits, in this case, try to discipline yourself. Take that bad habit away and live a happy life. Learn how to control your own temper. Remember that your actions will be the best lesson you can ever give to them. What kind of lesson you want to inculcate in their minds will all depend on you.

2. Pay Close Attention
Our ears and our eyes are our best parenting tools. You have to see what’s going on with your children and you have to listen to what they are telling you. Communicate with them honestly and openly. Ask them about their fears and worries at school. Ask them what they love to be doing. Ask them just about anything. Doing so will send them a message that you are always interested to them, that you are there to help as they get more involved in their social life, personal development, etc. This is also a great way of building confidence and trust in your relationship with them.

3. Be Appreciative
One of the most effective parenting tips is learning to quickly say “thank you.” Study shows that appreciation and expressing gratitude can significantly strengthen relationship. Extending descriptive praise when your child does something you wanted to see can also help him become more committed to do more good. In turn, you are helping him make more correct decisions on his own as he grows mature.

4. Be Consistent
This is one very important thing to be considered as you strive to teach your children crucial lessons you want to last a lifetime. When you try to be inconsistent with your values, with your love, with your discipline, you will be seen a liar. Don’t get carried away and lose your self when something doesn’t work according to plan. Stick to your goal of loving them.

5. The Dining Table is the Secret Weapon
Eating together as family is a perfect setup to reconnect and to show your kids that they are your priority.  Sitting across the table is where you can find out more about your children’s interests, challenges and more. This is also a great time for you to gather more information about your kids and be able to feed them with positive information and resolve other concerns.

6. Hold Regular Family Activities
This simple technique has been proven to be very helpful. You don’t have to go anywhere else to do it. You can do it very simply and with no cost almost – in the home. For some, a time in the evening is favorable. Play board games or any family games you can find online. This kind of activity can bring your family closer together and teach your children important life skills. This can also limit children’s crave to find other unnecessary means to entertain themselves.

7. Take Time to be Selfish
You heard me right, but it’s more than that. What I am really trying to say is to have some time with your self and make some evaluation. Find a place where you will be less distracted. Use this time to prepare, to plan, to invigorate. Ask yourself what you need to improve on to be a good parent. You will find that this can be a wise investment your family can greatly benefit from. You may also take your spouse on this event and plan together.

As you apply these good parenting tips – these timeless principles, you will see improvement in your children’s behavior and you are most likely to grow the best people every society needs. It is also good to continue developing your parenting skills and learn from more parenting tips others may share to you as long as they are consistent with the values and principles you want your children to have. And don’t forget that the job of raising responsible, God – fearing children are the responsibility of both husband and wife, nothing more nothing less.

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